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Hay is an absolute essential in the diet of rabbits and nearly all herbivores, so why not give them a bundle of fun to play with while they munch!

Our hessian hay cones contain only the very best premium blend Timothy hay which is sourced in the UK. They are dressed with entirely natural unprocessed materials which in themselves are also fully digestible by our little ones. Our sisal is 100% organic and is the fastest to digest in the gut, and the hessian is an untreated and chemical free material, which is also fully digestible.


These "Hessian Hay Cones" come in packs of 2 and they measure approximately 25cm long.

As every item is handmade by us in our own workshop using natural materials, sizes may vary slightly.

Storage instructions
If you don't plan to use these immediately, please store in a cool dry place. This is because natural materials can be prone to mildew if they get damp.

Timothy Hay Cones