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Our Story

We believe that our planet and every living creature on it is precious, and that organic, sustainable and responsible manufacturing is the key to achieving the best balance for us all.

For us, practising this ethos starts at home. We have numerous pets (fur babies and shell babies) and we try to only ever provide them with natural and safe toys and treats. But too many pet products on the market are loaded with toxic chemicals. So we started making our own for them, and they have loved them!

And this is what inspired our business and why we now produce a range of organic natural and healthy enrichment toys for all pets, so that you too can give your much-loved animals the very best. For those items which we can't make ourselves, we source quality natural products only from brands and manufacturers who practice the same environmental policies as our own. 

In the near future we will be adding a range of healthy pet treats and also a range of natural biodegradable items for our gardens designed to enhance and encourage wildlife to thrive.

Natural Materials

As so many of our pets like to chew their toys as they play, we only use natural plant-derived materials in our own-made products which, because they are digestible, will not cause any intestinal blockages.

Many of our materials are foraged from natural open woodlands, where they are 100% free from artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides. And for those materials or products we have to source from suppliers, we are careful to buy ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Sisal, hessian, coir, natural woods and woodland materials

Woodland - Wild Blackberry.jpg

Wild Blackberry
Rubus fructosus

Handcrafting with care

We care about what we make, so that you can enjoy the benefit of quality products which are always safe for your pets

Hand-crafted with care

Crafting is second nature to us! 

Most of our products are individually hand-made by us as we craft away in our little workshop. 

This means we can pay careful attention to detail in each and every item that we make. 

As we are only a small team, we don't have a vast production capacity, so if you find something that you want, but it is currently out of stock, please do pop us a quick message to request it, and we will make sure it is prioritised as next in the making!



We take care of our natural environment

So the only materials that we forage are those which are naturally shed or those which are trimmed during practised woodland management processes that encourage our wild species to thrive. 

All materials that come from wild locations are very carefully cleaned with organic apple cider vinegar which removes any pathogens to ensure they are totally safe for your pets and our wildlife. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging - Bio-Film Cello

From the products themselves, to the materials they are packed in, we ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible

Eco-Friendly Packaging - Paper Bags.jpg

Compostable, biodegradable, recyclable

All of the packaging that we use is recyclable, and where ever possible, it is also biodegradable and compostable. 

We also offer you the opportunity to pay less for less packaging. See the discounts available for minimal packaging* (*terms apply)

Natures Goodies Healthy Living for Pets
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