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Ideal for dogs of all sizes! 

For both large and little ones that love to tug, chase, chew, and play, sisal is the perfect material for toys, because being a natural plant fibre, if they ingest any of it, it will break down into tiny pieces in their stomachs and so will not cause intestinal blockages.


Your pack will contain one knotted rope (unless you choose a larger quantity).

These knotted ropes measure approximately 50cm long and are ideal for all dogs who like to chew, tug and throw their toys.

Please note: as they are hand-made from a natural product, these sizes are approximate.


All our sisal toys are made from 100% organic sisal so they are entirely natural and artificial chemical free. Plus, being a natural fibre, if lost in the woods or elsewhere outdoors, it will naturally biodegrade so there is no worry about harmful plastics or rubber littering the environment!&n